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Hi I'm Clare, I live in the South West of England in the seaside town of Torquay. I adore playing with inks, paints and generally getting messy. It is the calm place which fits in between my hectic life whilst working as an outreach support worker, looking after my son, daughter, foster son and hubby. Not forgetting our gorgeous springer spaniel, Suzi.

Saturday 4 August 2018

Artist Trading Coins - Who wants to Trade?

 I've been experimenting with Artist Trading coins. These are new to me, although I've been watching them pop up all over the place for a while, I've waited until now to have a little play.

To top my coins I used these cute little characters from That's Crafty(uk) Magda Polakow set Mama Bear.

I coloured them in using Neocolour II crayons and added in some shading with coloured pencils.

The backgrounds were made from a masterboard using stamps from Paperartsy - Tracy Scott stamps.

Mamma Bear was stamped directly onto the coin, masked off, background stamping added before colouring in.

The two baby bears were coloured in and glued onto the coins, I then added some doodles to the coins in white and black paint pens.

Lots of people make there own coins out of multiple die cut circles.  The coins I've used are made from MDF from That Craft Place and so they are very sturdy. I like the thought that I can get straight to the fun parts of crafting without having to make my coins before hand. 

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  1. These are fabulous Clare, I might have to look at getting some mdf circles as I'm still making my own, such a faff before I start. Love your colouring and masterboard xx

  2. Completely agree Tracey! You can get straight to the fun stuff instead of faffing around!


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