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Hi I'm Clare, I live in the South West of England in the seaside town of Torquay. I adore playing with inks, paints and generally getting messy. It is the calm place which fits in between my hectic life whilst working as an outreach support worker, looking after my son, daughter, foster son and hubby. Not forgetting our gorgeous springer spaniel, Suzi.

My Art Work

As well as crafting I also enjoy painting and drawing here are some of my pieces to date that I have created.  Some of these are available to order as prints cost me at my Etsy shop Hidden Heart Art Design.


 'Hidden Heart'

                                                                      'Poppy Pasture'

                                                                    'Daisy Meadow'

                                                             'Shake a tail feather'

                                                                     'Pale Meadow'

                                                                      'Happy Place'

                                                                    'Giraffe Love'

                                                                    'Ice cream Sky'

                                                                'She Found her wings'

                                                  'Home is where you'll find my heart'

                                                       'Thank you for being a friend'

                                                                 'Heal the world'

                                                                   'Heart of gold'

                                                                'Flower Explosion'

                                                                  'Button Bloom'

                                                             'Midnight poppy Pasture'

                                                                   'Flowering Spheres'


                                                                 'Textured blooms'

'Love, Discover, Embrace'

'Bedtime Owl'

'Butterfly Bubbles'

'I can and I will'

'Bobbing Along'

'Love is all around'

'Graffiti Star' 

'She held love closely'

'It's the place I love best'


'Intuitive me'

'Space Bloom'

'Bowl of blooms'

'Dreaming in Pink'


'Vanilla Field'

'Moonlit Poppies'

'Whale of a time'

'Flutterby Butterfly'

'Daisy, Daisy'

'Blooming Beautiful'

'Splashing time'

'Burlap Blooms'

'Rise & Shine'

'Where it all Started'

'Kingfisher Rainbow'

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